Prayer Times

Fajr 04:38
Shurooq 05:53
Duhur 12:07
Asr 15:24
Maghrib 18:13
Isha 19:28


Do you love taking pictures of your food?. We are giving you a chance to win a free Roadhaveellun each week. Simply take a picture of a dish you prepared for iftar and post it on Instagram, and the post with maximum likes will be selected as winner of the week.


MVR. 2,500/- every week

• Take a picture of a dish you made for iftaar and post on Facebook & Instagram and tag @roadhadotcom with #roadhadotcom #sufuraamathi
• Your objective will be to get the most number of likes on you picture in order to win the weekly complimentary Roadha veellun at selected restaurants. 1st winner will be announced on 19th May 2019.





Let’s get into shape this Ramadaan! Your goal is to transform your body within a month. The participant with the highest percentage of body weight loss shall be declared the winner.


Mvr. 15,000/-

6th May 12:00pm – 5th June 12:00pm (1 month)


• Potential participants must initially weight from 55 kgs and above to qualify the competition
• You are required to visit Xtreme Imperium Gym (Majeedhee Magu) on 13th May to check your current weight.
• You are required to get your weight checked at Xtreme Imperium once a week.
• will provide exercise routines, meal plans and healthy recipe videos on
You are welcome to include these in your fitness plan to help you reach your goal.


For the initial and final weigh-in participants should wear normal workout clothes such as T-shirt, shorts, or workout pants, shoes will be removed there shall be no items found in the pockets, jeans and sweatshirts are strictly not allowed


You may also post your progress on Instagram and tag @roadhadotcom @xtreme_imperium with #roadhadotcom #Dhanbaru #xtremeimperium.